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About Us

Shawna Cass Communications is led by Shawna Cass, ABC, an Accredited Business Communicator and 2014 Rae Hamlin Award winner with a passion for the written word, and for finding solutions to complex communication challenges. 


Shawna's served a wide variety of organizations and clients over the past 20 years. She's worked for Clemson University, the Government of Alberta, Edmonton Public Schools and Calder Bateman Communications, managing everything from major national issues to small events. She is an effective writer and project manager with a keen eye for detail, and a focus on providing affordable, quality service.  


Shawna is an active member of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), most recently serving as Director of Examiners for the IABC Accreditation Committee, where she helped candidates across the globe achieve their accreditation status. She became an IABC all-star speaker in 2011.


She also proudly supports Anderson Voices for Animals, Freedom Fences, the US Play Coalition and the Pendleton Historic Foundation, where she once gave tours. When she's not working, you're likely to find Shawna escorting turtles across Clemson area roads, or spending time with her husband and little boy (and their menagerie of pets). 


You can reach Shawna by email or through TwitterLinkedIn or her personal blog.

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